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Usługi abonamentowe dla firm – kontrakty krótko i długoterminowe


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Usługi dla osób prywatnych. Sprzątanie jednorazowe i w abonamencie



Oferujemy szeroką gamę usług specjalnych, w tym m.in sprzątanie po remoncie…

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Our home cleaning services are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve and the time you need to enjoy your life and loved ones.

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Our cleaning services are thorough, consistent and customized. If you would like to request a special service, change your cleaning schedule, or skip an area in your home, just let us know! We are happy to fulfill every request in order to exceed your expectations.


  • Surfaces Hand Wiped
  • Floors Cleaned
  • General Dusting
  • Cobwebs Removed
  • Doors Cleaned
$ 179
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  • Cleaning Bathrooms
  • Maintaining Break Rooms
  • Dusting and Vacuuming
  • Emptying Trash
  • Lightly Cleaning Desks
$ 249
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  • Bathrooms
  • Sleeping Areas
  • Living Areas
  • Kitchen
  • Hallway
$ 350
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